Traumas and risks Perspectives of deaths

Traumas and risks Perspectives of deaths

Watch the video from this link

and think about how disasters, traumas, and risks affect the way we view deaths (For example PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, etc).

Think about the events you saw and the things the victims/witnesses say (emotions, facts, vocal intonations). Discuss:

  • The fear, confusion, and sorrow that accompanies traumatic deaths. The disruptions that occur not just in this moment of the traumatic events but, from the perspectives of the families and friends, as well.
  • How does our/your cultural understanding of death impact the way you process these events?
  • How would you comfort someone else that has suffered through a traumatic event?
  • How would you comfort yourself?

It is important that the coping strategies you use, the references to culture, and anything else you incorporate into your posts is scientifically backed. In other words, go to PsychInfo and find an article.

I’m not looking for your opinion. I want you to go find legitimate coping strategies that can help people that experience traumatic events.

Your post should be AT LEAST 8 sentences long. The responses to your classmates should be about 4 sentences each.

As always, CITE YOUR SOURCES. Not only does this show me that you’re not plagiarizing, but if one of your classmates is interested in the information you’ve found, they’re able to look into it more, as well.