Psychological Test Evaluation Thesis

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Psychological Test Evaluation Thesis

This particular assignment is to write an evaluation of your chosen test. You need to cover all questions in the rubric shown below. All papers must be typed (approximately 5-8 pages of text), double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and in APA style. A great free, online resource for learning the basics of APA formatting style is the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)’s APA Formatting and Style Guide,

Here is what your test evaluation paper should include. It’s an abbreviated version of Appendix B: Guidelines for Critiquing a Psychological Test from your textbook (pp.489-490). Please see Appendix B for further explanation of these questions.

Criteria Points Possible
General Descriptive Information

Indicates the title, author, publisher, publication dates, length of administration, and cost of the test and whether it is proprietary or nonproprietary.

Purpose and Nature of the Test

Answers the following questions:

· What does the test measure? (Include scales.)

· What does the test predict?

· What behavior does the test require the test taker to perform?

· What population was the test designed for?

· What is the nature of the test?

· What is the format of the test?

Practical Evaluation

Answers the following questions:

· If you have access to a test manual, is it comprehensive? (I assume that most of you will not have access to a test manual–that’s fine.)

· How easy or difficult is the test to administer?

· How clear are the administration directions?

· How clear are the scoring procedures?

· What qualifications and training, if any, does an administrator need to have?

· Does the test have face validity?