Rules/concepts of Successive Living

Four Rules of Success Living

Due November 20th

The purpose of this paper is to describe the four concepts explained in your textbook that you consider to be most relevant to your life and most critical for establishing a happy, meaningful, successful life.

These four concepts represent your own rules for successful living as modeled in our class discussion. In this paper, you should integrate the conceptual explanation presented in your text with your own life experience.

You must select concepts from the pages/chapters listed on the class reading list. No additional, outside sources are required for this paper. The format of the paper should be as follows:

1) Short introductory paragraph

2) Two, well-developed paragraphs per concept. Underline the concept and include the textbook chapter (see example). Tip: A chapter title is not a concept. It indicates a topic with is a collection of concepts.

3) Short concluding paragraph.

The paper must be typed and must be double-spaced using a 12 point font.

Four Rules of Successful Living (2 paragraph explanation of each concept)