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week 3 pharmacology and cultural competency

Week 3: Discussion Question – Healthy People 2020How does Healthy People 2020 address culture and spirituality considerations?Select at least one topic or objective from Healthy People 2020 that is of interest to you.  Summarize key points of the topic or objective and discuss how this topic will affect patient care and its significance to the […]

Summarization of an article

Get an article from EBSCO Academic Search Complete relating to type 2 diabetes and intervention. Summarize it using APA Format and citation. Please attach the article to your answer. No plagiarism and Grammarly report needed.

Is it right to be relativist?

https://video.alexanderstreet.com/watch/fire-eyes-female-circumcision?context=channel:documentary-274#startFrom-78Use the link above to watch the video.It is 2019. The federal law banning female circumcision is still under appeal in the courts. You are a nurse assisting a plastic surgeon at a local hospital. The plastic surgeon comes from a country where they practice “female circumcision”. This practice is also sometimes called “female genital […]

Assessing the Genitalia and Rectum

For this assignment, you will analyze an Episodic note case study that describes abnormal findings in patients seen in a clinical setting. You will consider what history should be collected from the patients, as well as which physical exams and diagnostic tests should be conducted. You will also formulate a differential diagnosis with several possible […]

Depression- decision tree

BACKGROUND INFORMATIONThe client is a 70 year-old Hispanic American male who came to the United States when he was in high school with his father. His mother died back in Mexico when he was in school. He presents today to your office for an initial appointment for complaints of depression. The client was referred by […]

nursing assignment.

Assignment 2: Study PlanPhoto Credit: [Jacob Ammentorp Lund]/[iStock / Getty Images Plus]/Getty ImagesCan you imagine an athlete deciding to run a marathon without training for the event? Most ambitious people who have set this goal will follow a specific training plan that will allow them to feel confident and prepared on the big day. Similarly, […]

Discussion Question

1- How does Environmental Health influence achievements of Healthy People 2020 and how does it influence Health of Global Community?A) Must address the topic.B) Rationale must be provided.C) Illustrate an interdisciplinary approach to improvement of the healthcare outcomes of the vulnerable populations.150-word minimum/250-word maximum without the references.


Examine the importance of professional associations in nursing. Choose a professional nursing organization that relates to your specialty area,  or a specialty area in which you are interestedDescribe the organization and its significance to nurses in the specialty area. Include its purpose, mission, and vision. Describe the overall benefits, or “perks,” of being a member.Explain […]

Prioritization Discussion

Week 3: Prioritization Discussion Case StudyReview the following Prioritization Principles videos:Prioritizationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRElSFt674M (Links to an external site.)Nursing Leadership – ABCDE Principle and Patient Prioritizationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWTKT4Z1ae0 (Links to an external site.)Nursing Leadership – Efficient Nursing Practice & Delegationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI4HIZpScPQ (Links to an external site.)Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as it relates to PrioritizationIntroduction:Setting priorities is an essential and critical thinking skill.Priority setting is […]