Humanities-study of a particular culture

Humanities-study of a particular culture


Next, set up your paper in APA format. Use bold print headings for your intro and the 4 lenses and subtopic headings for each of the lenses as demonstrated below. This helps with organization, especially as I grade.

Introduction of Topic

State your issue/topic clearly! “One issue impacting wellness today is __________.” Then define it and explain why and how it’s a wellness issue. How does it relate to what you’ve learned about wellness in course materials? Remember, if you want readers to believe something is factual, then cite and reference it.

Tips: If my topic were obesity, I might Google the definition of obesity from a reputable source (Wikipedia is not a reputable source) and quote/cite/reference the definition from a reputable government or health organization. Then I might use a bit more info from that site to relate obesity to the course materials and explain how it’s a wellness issue and what dimensions of wellness are impacted.

Four Lenses

History Here you’ll use Google scholar or the Shapiro library and search for history of obesity (or whatever your topic is).  What is the connection of your issue/event to the lens of history for determining its impact on various institutions? Utilize evidence from theory and research to support your analysis.” In other words what does history teach us about obesity (or whatever your topic is)?

How did obesity impact the wellness of society or people or businesses or other institutions in history? You need to write one paragraph which will serve as an introduction to dive deeper into this topic in later milestones. Be sure to cite and reference your sources! If you want something to be believed, cite and reference scholarly resources. Otherwise, it’s not research and won’t receive any credit.

Humanities How does your issue relate to humanities, the study of a particular culture? Look at your issue in our culture’s music, social media, films, art, photography, dance, literature, etc. Again, be sure to cite and reference sources. And again, you’ll write an introductory paragraph that will serve as a place to dive deeper in a later milestone.

If my topic were obesity, I might think of examples of cultural messages about obesity in the fields mentioned above, explain what the message was and cite and reference a specific source and example.

Natural and Applied Science What do fields like biology, chemistry, physics, herbal medicine, pharmaceutical research, nutrition, technology, AI and so on teach us about your issue/topic? Don’t forget to cite research. And – yep – you’ll need a 1 paragraph intro to explore more deeply in a later milestone. If my topic were obesity I might go to Google scholar and type in obesity and nutrition or obesity and genetics.

Social Sciences What do psychology, sociology and/or anthropology teach us about your issue? I might look up research on obesity and body image for example. Think of things like socioeconomic status, racial disparities, redlining, segregation, personality, emotions/feelings, mental health, social structures (family, friends, work), coping mechanisms, cause and effect (for example emotional eating), and so on.

These are all social science topics. There’s no need to cover each one; you’ll need to figure out what’s important to your topic. I think it goes without saying by now… cite research; write 1 strong paragraph. 🙂


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