Individualistic frustration in Colleges

STEP 1: Imagine that one of your best friends is struggling with his classes. He aspires to graduate in exercise science and go on to earn a degree in occupational therapy, but he failed his first two psychology exams. He’s feeling nervous about his performance and comes to you for advice.

During your discussion, you learn that:

· he gets easily frustrated while working on psychology problems after approaching them the way he has always approached problems in his other classes;

· he is sleeping less than five hours a night;

· he works on psychology homework every Tuesday and Thursday night, but not on other days;

· he always keeps his phone on vibrate to check if he gets messages while he studies;

· he usually studies by re-reading the chapter;

· he pulls all-nighters before exams.

STEP 2: Based on this conversation, write an email to your friend (between 200-400 words), explaining to him why his studying habits are ineffective and what steps he might take to improve his learning. Include at least 3 concepts from the course materials in your post. Include appropriate vocabulary from this module on memory and problem-solving. Be sure to cite your textbook or the videos in your response.