The process a mental health


It is time to start thinking about the case study project. This project simulates the process a mental health provider might go through in case supervision or consultation, wherein one presents for feedback:

1. the pertinent details of a client’s social history;

2. the onset and symptoms of the identified problem

3. the proposed diagnosis

4. the features of a client’s internal, social, and environmental strengths as well as challenges or weaknesses

5. the proposed course of intervention

The first step in completing the case study project is to choose a movie or book character from any movie or book of your choice.

You will use this movie or book character as a fictional client who has sought your professional help for outpatient therapy.

You will be presenting this client for review in a mock clinical supervision/consultation session where your fellow classmates are your professional colleagues.

The more interesting the character, the more interesting the project will be for both you and your classmates.


1. Identify and differentiate the classification of psychological disorders

2. Evaluate treatment approaches


Submit a 325-word paper describing the movie or book character you will be focusing on for the Case Study Project.

Write a brief synopsis of the movie or book and describe some of the character’s traits and behaviors.

Explain why this character might make for a good case study. Also, indicate the preliminary diagnoses you plan to investigate while assessing the character.