Career Plan Instructions

The document must have the following four sections (2 pages long): a. Current job Salary Discussion: Discuss your findings when you searched for the job you currently are planning on pursuing. Make sure you include what the salaries are and if they differ by city, state or region.

b. Graduate School or Marketability: Discuss the cost and the time it will take to complete a graduate degree if this career/job requires it. Include whether you are willing to take the economic risk of going to graduate school?

What strategies during graduate school might prepare you for a job search? If it does not require a graduate degree, discuss in this section how can you improve your marketability while you’re earning your bachelor’s degree? For example, internships, volunteering, etc.

How can you obtain these opportunities while at FIU? c. Discuss your parallel plan with the alternate job(s) you might pursue instead. Specifically, identify and mention what that job/career would be and discuss why you chose it.

You must answer the questions included in step 5 above, and feel free to include other questions you considered in the steps above while developing your parallel plan.

Make sure you include what the salaries are and if they differ by city, state, or region. Discuss whether you would be willing to go back to school to get the degree or courses required for the alternate job (or if you can complete these requirements currently while earning your current degree).

Finally, discuss how job application and resume writing might be different (if at all) with this alternate job versus the current job you are planning on pursuing.