Supportive, and Dominant qualities

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Supportive, and Dominant qualities


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Cautious, Supportive, and Dominant qualities are all present in my personality. My Cautious characteristics are definitely stronger than my Supportive or Dominant characteristics.

Careful, focused on perfection, results-oriented, and collaborative are some words that describe me.

I have both extroverted and reserved characteristics, albeit I may lean more toward the reserved side. I probably like to stick to tried and true methods for getting things done while respecting the feelings of others. I like to work alone most of the time, but if necessary, I can collaborate with others.

MY NATURAL OR BASIC STYLE My “natural” or “internal” condition is usually represented by my Basic Style. It’s a collection of motivations that influence how I perceive, understand, and interact with the environment. This is the element of my personality that occurs “in my head.” In most circumstances, only my closest friends and family will see this side of me. In my style blend, the bar graph tries to reflect the relative intensity of each drive.



MY ENVIRONMENTAL OR ADAPTED STYLE My Adapted Style tends to reflect the real behaviors I’ve learned to employ in order to be most successful in the context in which I was thinking when I took the test. This is the part of me that is most evident to others since it is the part of me that manifests itself in my actions (my body language, facial expressions, tone, etc.) As I engage and work with people, the bar graph tries to illustrate the relative frequency with which I use each behavior style.