issue of the use of local dialect

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issue of the use of local dialect


Capella University

Rebecca Faino







Case Study overview

Communication is the vehicle that controls different people as well as operations in the company or in the workplace.

There are different ways in which communication is carried out; vertical is between the different levels of management and horizontal is between the different departments in the same level.

There is internal and external communication. Internal communication entails the institution alone while external entails the institution with other companies and external stakeholders.

Because of the cultural differences, there is always a common language that is usually chosen for use by all employees to avoid the use of local dialects.

In this organization, there is the issue of the use of local dialect among the employees which has caused an issue of fights and misunderstanding among the employees as some feel left out in the community.

The professional setting chosen is an open layout office.





Formal communication in the workplace generally consists of business and office memoranda, yearly reports or even fliers in client solicitations. It may also contain worker handbooks, disciplinary and remedial activity materials and medical coverage choices along with retirement fund alternatives.

Informal communication in business are usually verbal notices that managers give workers about the memoranda’s and manually written notes, administrator remarks about other verbal correspondence that are far less informative to business operations.





Organization Overview

The organization is made up of different individuals from different cultural backgrounds with almost all the ethnic communities represented.

Most of the individuals have an Arabic culture since it is an IT company.

They started by isolating themselves and forming small groups of their culture then started communicating in their local dialect.

This influenced other people to do the same and the office colleagues are now fighting each other.