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Topic of Research


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Grand Canyon University: RES 820



Topic of Research

Baker, V. L., & Pifer, M. J. (2011). The role of relationships in the transition from doctor to independent scholar. Studies in Continuing Education, 33(1), 5-17. http://doi.org/10.1080/0158037X. 2010.515569

For this assignment select ten empirical, peer-reviewed research articles that are current and relevant to your dissertation topic. Provide a reference and an annotation (150-250 words) that includes important details about the article for each of the sources.

Annotations are descriptive and critical assessments of literature that help researchers evaluate texts and determine relevancy in relation to a research project. Ultimately, it is a note-taking tool that fosters critical thinking and helps you evaluate the source material for possible later use. Instead of reading articles and forgetting what you have read, you have a convenient document full of helpful information. An annotated bibliography can help you see the bigger picture of the literature you are reading. It can help you visualize the overall status of the topic, as well as where your unique question might fit into the field of literature.

Your sources should not be Class Resources, dissertations, books, reports, conference papers, legal documents, book reviews, editorials, newspaper articles, magazine articles, and other sources that are not peer-reviewed.




Provide a sentence identifying your degree program and emphasis area.

Research Focus

Provide one sentence that discusses how your topic area aligns with your degree and emphasis area.

Feasibility of Research Problem

Provide one sentence that justifies the feasibility of your proposed research project.

Problem Statement

A problem statement emerges from reading and studying the literature around a topic. In RES 815 you discussed what is known, what needs to be known, and what is the significance of the potential problem you are investigating. Now you will organize this into different sections below. In this section, begin with the Problem Statement with a declarative problem statement based on the Identification of a problem space and your review of the literature in your field. Choose one of the formats below to write a one-sentence problem statement.

It is not known how or why…

Based on what is known in literature, _____ is still unknown/what still needs to be understood is…

While the literature indicates ____________, it is not known in (school/district/organization/community) if __________.

Need for Study

Next, discuss why this is an important problem that needs to be investigated, that is, what is the benefit of studying this specific problem? (150-250 words)

Conceptual/Theoretical Framework

In the articles that you selected review the conceptual or theoretical frameworks that the authors used. Choose the one that seem the most promising to use in your own research. Discuss how this framework shows potential for helping you to investigate your problem space. Using the reference page, what would be the seminal work that the author(s) used that relates to the theoretical framework. (150-250 words)