Conceptualization of DSM-5 diagnosis

Conceptualization of DSM-5 diagnosis

Key Performance Indicator Assignment: Capstone Written Case Conceptualization (20 points) (The client selected should be a high school student. I did my internship at a high school) The student will select a client from their internship site and complete an 8-page (minimum) case conceptualization report detailing the following ten competencies,

1. Assessment Skills: Includes a summary of the DSM-5 diagnosis, biopsychosocial assessment, mental status exam, substance use, risk assessment, and any other assessment instruments used.

2. Intervention & Conceptualization Skills: Includes a summary of how the assessment informs treatment, treatment plan, goals, and interventions used. Incorporates any relevant cultural, racial, ethical, and legal (if applicable) issues related to the case, and reflects the intern’s personal theory of counseling.

3. Writing Skills and Document Organization: Paper clearly and succinctly communicates clinical impressions. The Paper is organized, with appropriate grammar, spelling, and APA Style.

4. Use of Supervision: Includes a summary of how supervision impacted clinical decision-making and case conceptualization.

5. Knowledge & Application of Site-Specific Information: Includes a description of how the site’s clinical services and structure affect the assessment, treatment, and conceptualization of the selected case. Any relevant policies, regulatory processes, and program evaluation measures associated with service delivery are included.

6. Professional Counseling Competencies: Includes a description of how the case was conceptualized from the professional counseling framework compared to other mental health professions (e.g., counseling promotes clients’ optimal human development, wellness, and mental health through prevention, education, and advocacy activities, including advocacy for those with mental health issues.)

7. Personal Attributes & Self-Understanding: Includes a summary of 1. intern’s reactions, awareness of own emotional response, and effective countertransference management related to the client case, and 2. awareness of intern’s impact on the client (i.e., intern’s race, gender, religion) and client’s transference responses.

8. Interpersonal Competencies: Includes a summary of how the intern’s interactions with supervisor, interdisciplinary team, and site colleagues informed the case. Describe how the use of Generated: 10/22/2021 Page 7 of 23 empathy, compassion, and respect for client’s autonomy were evident in the client’s treatment.

9. Student’s Strengths: Identify and describe at least three of the intern’s personal strengths that enhanced the client’s treatment.

10. Student’s Areas for Development: Identify and describe at least three of the intern’s areas for development that would further enhance the client’s treatment. This paper must be written in APA Style