manipulation of the variable thesis

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Between-subject design is a design in which different participants are assigned to only one condition within the research. Some advantages of using this type of design would be that any difference that is witnessed would be due to the manipulation of the variable and not from contamination from outside factors. Another advantage would be that the random assignment of subjects helps drop the bias that can be created. Finally, between-subject design can supply valuable information that other types of experiments cannot (Myers & Hensen, 2012). This type of design can supply information that within-subject design lacks. The first is random assignment. Random assignment occurs when participants are randomly assigned to groups. The next is time. Between-subjects design can be run quickly and is ideal for gathering results for time-sensitive issues. In addition to random assignment and valuable information this type of design can be run quickly (Myers & Hensen, 2012). As a result, this method is ideal for gathering results for time-sensitive issues.