A plan for hierarchy of anxiety triggers

You will be provided with a case illustration, and you have the plan and administer Exposure technique. Provide a thorough report based on the following steps. You must attach 5 filled annexures at the end of the report. 3.1

1) Develop a written, systematic, step-by-step exposure plan that takes you through a hierarchy of anxiety triggers to address a particular core fear. Administer Exposure worksheet and Hierarchy. 2.2

2) Identify and evaluate faulty thinking about exposure so you start unencumbered by doubt and harmful preconceived notions. Develop at least 2 normalization cards for the initial 2 levels of hierarchy. 2.4

3) Plan to start with a moderate goal and write how you are planning with your patient to way up gradually. 2.4

4) Use the Exposure Practice form and fill it up for the case hypothetically. Fill in at least 2 exposure tasks. 2.4

5) Come up with an anxiety work plan for coping with anxiety with outcomes. 2.4

Assignment should contain at least 800-1000 words.


2.2 Illustrate the cognitive-behavioral model to a client using diagrams and thoughts diaries.

2.4 Judge how best to motivate a client to devise and complete homework tasks and behavioral/ experiments/ challenges.

3.1 Comply with the standard practice regulation and commitment to professional ethics while administering psychological tests and psychotherapy.