the global societal issue

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the global societal issue

The primary goal of this weekly assignment is to enable you to understand the revision process and revise your paper with the help of a writing specialist.


Step 1: Prepare a shortened version of your Final Paper (at least four pages) by including the following:

  • Introduction paragraph and thesis statement you developed for your Week 3 Assignment.
  • Background information of the global societal issue you have chosen.
  • Brief argument supporting at least two solutions to the global societal issue.
  • Conclusion paragraph.
  • Must document any information used from at least five scholarly sources in APA style as outlined in the University of Arizona Global Campus Writing Center’s Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.) Note that you will need at least eight scholarly sources for your Final Paper in Week 5.

Step 2: After you have completed a rough draft of your paper, submit that draft to the University of Arizona Global Campus Writing Center by using the instructions found in the Paper Review (Links to an external site.) page. Your paper will be returned within 24 hours, so give yourself enough time to complete and submit it prior to the due date.

Reflect: Carefully review the summary feedback found in the email from the tutor and the margin comments that you see on your returned paper. Consider each of the suggestions provided to help you to revise your paper.


What You Need to Submit to Waypoint:

  • Upload the document that contains the feedback from the Writing Center specialist.
  • Submit the journal assignment answering the following questions in at least 400 words:
    • Identify the top three issues your writing specialist focused on in your rough draft (e.g., paragraph structure, proper use of quotations, thesis statement, etc.).
      • In what ways were those issues surprising?
    • Describe what you learned from some of the feedback your writing specialist provided as explanations.
      • Was this feedback helpful?
    • Evaluate the usefulness of the paper review tool.
      • In what ways did this activity improve your academic writing skills?
      • Will you use the University of Arizona Global Campus Writing Center to review your work in the future? Why or why not?
    • Identify Writing Center Video Tutorials (Links to an external site.) that you find most useful and explain why. Also, identify tutorial(s) you found least useful and explain why.

The journal part of the assignment does not need to be formatted in APA style; however, correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is required.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal.


*Introduction & Thesis Statement *

Lack of education is one of the main reasons people live in poverty in the current society.

The current world requires applying knowledge to enhance the production of goods and services.

Therefore, people without adequate knowledge lack jobs and know how to manage resources.

Third-world countries are mainly poor because of a lack of comprehensive education

infrastructure to support education (Johnston, Wen & Joynt Maddox, 2019). Most children who

lack education end up unemployed, low-paying jobs, and child trafficking. The education sector

and government concerns have various ways to solve the lack of education. The government can

increase childhood education by employing more teachers and making early childhood education

a compulsory program for every child. Additionally, the government can increase sponsorship

programs to colleges and universities to increase enrollment levels.

Countries all over should make secondary school education and compulsory for all

children. The research is essential to enlighten parents, educators, and youths on the reasons for it will uncover some insights loopholes between governments, thus making them unable to

provide quality education. There are some communities where children do not attend schools at

all. Most children drop in primary and secondary schools (Mufic & Fejes, 2020). The ethical

implication of the lack of education will mainly involve teachers, parents, and the government.

Teachers have the responsibility to conduct themselves to attract learning and encourage students

to continue aiming to achieve their goals in education. The assessments process requires teachers

to be discriminative to some individuals or communities. The government should facilitate

education by ensuring enough teachers and learning materials.

Lack of education is the leading cause of children trafficking, poverty, and many cases of

general crimes. Uneducated people are less likely to be employed in high-paying jobs. Therefore,

the uneducated people are exposed to temporary and casual activities that are low-paying to cater

to their basic needs. For that reason, young people engage in general crimes, mainly in the

United States. Additionally, lack of education can increase the rate of teenage pregnancy and

inequalities. There are various solutions for lack of education that will be provided in this paper,

reviewing different anointed bibliographies.