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Imagine youâ€ve had your open house, and youâ€re reflecting on what youâ€ve heard from parents and students. But youâ€ve also learned more in this course too, and youâ€ll continue to read and reflect as a professional. Youâ€re refining your educational philosophy and connecting it to the bigger educational picture as a part of your process of lifelong learning.
Youâ€ll start by finding a theory that most reflects your philosophy. Share your reflection through a presentation.
Create a presentation to share your reflection. Describe an educational theory that most aligns with your philosophy. Include:

Why you selected the educational theory. What about it most reflects your philosophy?
Explain how the theory takes into consideration some of the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context youâ€re concerned about.
Explain and give examples of how the educational theory aligns with dispositions of accrediting bodies most closely associated with your specialization. For example, Week 9: Reflection PresentationLinks to an external site. reading list. ( Links will be attached at bottom)
Explain how the theory and the specialization standards support your professional and personal dispositions.
How has your philosophy changed as you’ve learned and grown as an educator? Describe where you see opportunities for future growth