synopsis of 3 of the research articles

One-paragraph synopsis of 3 of the research articles that could be included in the introduction to your own research paper.

Include the following information in your synopsis:

  1. A bullet including the name(s) of the author(s) and the year the article was published. Please do NOT include the title of the article in your synopsis (after all, you’re attaching the first page).
  2. In the actual synopsis, include :

i. The hypothesis/(es) that was tested;

ii. In layman’s terms, what did they do to test the hypothesis;

iii. Whether or not the hypothesis/(es) was supported;

iv. How this support, or lack thereof, should be interpreted (i.e., what does it really mean?)

My groups hypothesis is as follows: There is a positive correlation between hours of sleep and GPA by semester in undergraduate students.