Sexual Orientation in Different Cultures

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Sexual Orientation in Different Cultures

PART I In the chapter on sexual behavior, we learned that different cultures and countries view sexual orientation in various ways.
For example, in some places, sexual orientation is viewed as a learned behavior that people have a choice over, and individuals are ostracized if their orientation or behavior is not the same as the majority’s behavior.
In other areas, sexual orientation is considered a biological matter, implying that choice is not part of it.
In other locations, sexual orientation is considered a mixture of biology and environment, where both influences are present
  • Do you believe sexual orientation is an issue that we, as a society, should be involved in? Why or why not?

PART II – Reflect upon late adulthood. How do people in your country or culture generally view the process of getting older? You may include your thoughts on values, beliefs, expectations, and cultural practices surrounding late adulthood. Relate your answers to lifespan theories and to death and dying.

It is critical to remember that this is an intellectual discussion and your peers may have different points of view and experiences; therefore, be sensitive and respectful to your peers’ comments. This discussion is about learning with our peers, so keep in mind the open-minded and multi-perspective aim of this discussion.
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Read the following:

  • Chapters 9 and 10