Research design and hypotheses questions

PSYC 3020 Project Requirements

You are being given an Excel spreadsheet containing data and a brief description of the research design and research questions. Your task is the following:

1) Write the research and null hypotheses for each research question

2) Determine the appropriate statistical test for each research question

3) Using Excel, complete the statistical tests and compute all needed descriptive statistics

4) Write a short summary of your research findings.


These data come from a study of satisfaction with workplace factors conducted at a university. Participants completed a survey in which they indicated their role at the university (faculty member, staff, or administrator) and expressed their agreement with the following statements:

a) I have the resources I need to do my job

b) I have the time I need to do my job

c) I feel appreciated for the work that I do

d) My salary is fair

e) My benefits are fair

For these five items, answers ranged from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). NOTE: These responses can be treated as INTERVAL data. The researchers are interested in the following questions:

1) Do individuals in different roles express the same or different opinions on each of these questions?

2) Is there a relationship between an individual’s opinion about having adequate resources and about whether or not their salary is fair?

3) Is there a relationship between how appreciated an individual feels and whether or not they rate their salary as fair?

You will turn in your complete Excel workbook and your written findings.