Psychosocial History of Giggling Granny

The Psychosocial History of the Giggling Granny

Index Offence Synopsis:

Nancy Hazel, also known as the “Giggling Granny” or “Nannie Doss,” killed her 5th and last husband before being incarcerated. Nannie Doss’s fifth husband was Samuel Doss, and she met him through an ad in a section of the Tulsa paper, and she started to write to him.

According to Rice and Rose (2017), Sam Doss was not anything like her previous husbands’; he was not a womanizer and was also not a heavy drinker compared to her previous husbands.

Samuel Doss was from Carroll County, Arkansas, and he was grieving the loss of his last wife Winnie and his six children that he lost in a tornado storm (Rice & Rose, 2017). Nannie and Samual got married in July of 1954.

In just a couple of months into the marriage, Nannie got upset and aggravated with Samuel and was not happy that he did not like romance novels like she did (Rice & Rose, 2017).

Samuel did not let her have a TV or a radio, nor did he let her buy one, and she was not allowed to go to the neighbor’s house and watch TV. Things escalated, even more, when he did not let her buy a fan either, even though he did care about her, but she did not have the same love