Practice in a Human Service Organization

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Practice in a Human Service Organization

Support for Evidence-Based Practice: A Research-Informed Approach

Plath, D. (2013). Support for evidence-based practice in a human service organization. Administration in Social Work, 37, 25-38. Preview the document View in a new window

· The purpose of this course requirement is to give you experience with the scientific aspects of human services research and to assess how well you understand the process, methods, and developing evidence-based/research-informed approaches to human services practice. Read the entire article, but focus mostly on the methods section where the author describes how the analysis was constructed.   (Links to an external site.)

· Total points for assignment: 25 pts. Answer all questions fully and thoroughly for full points; no specific word count.

· Provide a brief summary of the purpose for the study and need for the study: 5 points

· Research Question(s): 5 points

· Methodology; Independent and dependent variables and how dependent variable(s) were measured: 5 points

· How did they choose the sample (participants) and why? Was this a good, fairly good, or possibly poor representation of the total possible population (in other words can the results be generalized to the broader population?) Why/why not? 5 points

· What are your impressions about this study? (strengths, weaknesses, what can we learn from it/draw from it)? 5pts