Internet Information in Psychology

Writing Assignment #4: Internet Information


With what has been learned in Assignments 1, 2, and 3, a further look at the information found on the internet is the goal of Assignment 4. A review of TedxTalks about “myths” in psychology will be conducted.

To start, choose one myth from the different myths listed by the presenter. The assignment will consist of an introduction, a discussion of the claims about the myth was chosen, a discussion about what information is found (if any) in the textbook, and a discussion of the key points from the scholarly journal article found about it.

Section 1: Questions or Prompts

TEDx Talks Myth

• Watch the Tedx Talks at

o, Summarize the myth chosen for the assignment.

King Textbook

o, Describe what King (2016) presents about the topic of the myth.

o If it is not addressed directly by King (2016), identify the closest topic that the textbook does address and describe what the textbook mentions.

Scholarly Journal Article

• Using the ECU Library’s Database for Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection

(EBSCO), find a scholarly journal article about the topic of the myth.

• Only a scholarly journal article with a research study will be accepted. No reviews of


Review of the Scholarly Journal Article.

o What is/are the research question(s) for this study? (Introduction)




o What are the 3 most cited topics or research outcomes by the author(s) to support researching this topic? Why was each of these sources used? (Literature Review)

o What type of study did the author(s) conduct: Experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, or qualitative? (Methods)

o How many participants were included in the study if the study was conducted? What were the characteristics of the participants? Why did they choose participants with these characteristics? (Methods)

o What measures were used if any? How often and when in the study were those measures used? Were interviews or observations conducted? Was some other method used?


o What were the results of the study? (Results/Discussion/Conclusion)

o What limitations did the author(s) list? (Results/Discussion/Conclusion)

Critique of the Scholarly Journal Article.

o Was the sample size large enough? Was the sample representative of the population to be measured? Why or why not?

o If a research study was conducted, how did the measures address the research question?

Were the measures used too often enough or too often in the study?

o What about this study work? What about this study did not work?

o What could they do differently? Why would this change(s) help the study?

o Did the results from the article support, refute, or support or refute some of the claims identified from the Tedx Talk myth?