Basic intelligence for leadership success

Basic intelligence for leadership success



Question 1

(TCO 2) Almost always listed as important for leadership success is/are ____.

Basic intelligence

Clear and strong values

High level of personal energy


All of the above

Question 2

(TCO 2) Qualities belonging potentially to everyone, but possessed more fully by leaders, including all of the following except ____.

Vision and enthusiasm

Stability and concern for others

Self-confidence and persistence

Vitality and integrity

Hearing and size

Question 3

(TCO 2) Concern for others requires _____ and ____, and the result is ____, which is the foundation of ____.

Experience and fortitude; learning; survival

Patience and listening; trust; loyalty

Discussion and contemplation; education; expression

Time and place; emotion; community

None of the above

Question 4

(TCO 2) The most important quality of leadership is ____, including _____ and ____.

Knowledge; on-the-job learning and formal education

Motivation; desire and effort

Integrity; honesty and courage

Decisiveness; information finding and willingness to take orders

None of the above

Question 5

(TCO 2) Characteristics of followers that influence the leadership process are _____ and ____.

Race and gender

Respect for authority and interpersonal trust

Past mistakes and future plans

Abstract reasoning and concrete experience

None of the above