NR632 Phase 5

Phase 5: Implementation and EvaluationTable of ContentsImplementation of the Planned Change Practicum ProjectIn earlier phases, you developed a measurable project outcome and an action plan to facilitate achievement of the outcome. During this phase, you will implement the action plan.As you implement the action plan, be mindful of the following:What are the financial, human, and material resources being utilized?How effective are the strategies?To what extent do the action steps facilitate achievement of the project outcome?Do the action steps align with evidence-based practice?What support and collaboration is needed from stakeholders to carry out the action plan?Evaluation of hte Planned Change Practicum ProjectOnce an action plan is implemented, measurement of achievement of the project outcome will take place. Refer to your evaluation plan, completed in Phase 3, and carry out the necessary steps to evaluate the effectiveness of your action plan.Think About ItWhat is the outcome measure in your evaluation plan?What is the method you will use to gather data to evaluate your project outcome?What was the indicator of success, and was your outcome successfully achieved?Practicum Application and ActivitiesPrepare a plan with specific talking points to meet with your faculty (and practicum mentor if available) regarding the implementation and evaluation of your planned change project.Meet with your faculty (and practicum mentor if available) to discuss implementation and evaluation of the planned change project.Validate your work on Phase 5 with your faculty (and practicum mentor if available) as needed.Suggested activities to consider for hypothetical implementation and evaluation might include (but are not limited to) the following:Create a concept map that portrays application of a change model to the hypothetical implementation of the MSN Project. Submit the concept map and a brief explanation with the practicum log.Based upon your planned change project (actual or hypothetical), reflect upon professional competencies necessary for successful implementation and evaluation of the planned change. Submit your reflection of necessary competencies along rationale with your practicum log.Revisit the Johns Hopkins Action Planning Tool (Appendix I) and consider its usefulness in the implementation and evaluation phases. Develop a visual chart, table, or graph to convey project action steps and target dates that are identified in Appendix I; submit your visual tool with the practicum log.Revisit your action planning tool and consider the variables or barriers that could interrupt the implementation process (for example a change in stakeholder support, funding stream, time, material, or human resources, among others). Identify two potential barriers that may arise and construct a plan to each; submit your plan with the practicum log.Describe an actual or hypothetical plan for communication (or modification of a plan already developed in coursework) that would be applied during the implementation and evaluation phases; submit your plan with the practicum log.Create or refine a budget (real or hypothetical) that conveys the projected cost, actual cost, as well as variance; submit your budget with the practicum log.Construct a plan to address any cost variance that may occur while implementing the MSN Project; submit your plan with the practicum log.Construct a hypothetical scenario involving evaluation of outcomes, noting how the specific outcome measure, indicator(s) of success, and outcome achievement hypothetically attained. Submit your scenario with the practicum log.From a hypothetical perspective, expand the scope MSN Project and create a plan to execute the expanded project; submit your expanded plan with the practicum log.Based upon your hypothetical plans for an expanded project, develop a plan to disseminate the information gained. Explain the rationale for your dissemination strategies; submit your plan with the practicum log.Reflect upon your professional growth through the implementation and evaluation phases of the planned change project (actual or hypothetical). In what ways have your competencies been strengthened? Where might there be opportunities for continued enhancement? Submit your reflections with the practicum time log.