You are writing not a book report nor an encyclopedia art.You are going to have a conversation with the dead guy(i.e. Philosopher) in the paper proposal.

Choose one philosopher Sophie encounters( or who is in Wolff’s book),find out more about his ( they are all guys -sorry!) views,and discuss what you think of him and his views.We are all talking five pages in word -typed ,double spaced,one inch margin ,12 -point font.

Write about the Platos and why did you pick this one.what did you like about him or what about what he believed bugs you,or how did you decide on him?

2. three sources

one book this guy has written that you will read in order to find out more of what he thinks;

one book or article about this guy or about his ideas;

two books (at least Sophie’s World and Encyclopedia Britannica) that provide general introduction and background.

Chicago Humanities Style

First person use of I think and I believe should be used .