nursing conceptual model

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A nursing conceptual model is used to set a guideline and is based on a concept. Nursing theory

describes the knowledge used to support nursing practice and is based on evidence.

In Florence Nightingales Environmental Theory, she states that the nurse can utilize the patient’s

environment to help optimize their healing. This can be done by making sure certain environmental factors

are present such as:

– clean water

-fresh air,


-cleanliness of the environment

-and appropriate drainage

This practice is still used today to aid is patients healing. Although we no longer need to worry about

things such as appropriate drainage, we still maintain a cleanly environment, make sure the patient has fresh

clean water to drink if allowed. In the hospital setting we turn on lights and open blinds during the day and

turn off lights and close the blinds at night. We fill out the “white boards” to help the patient stay oriented to

date and day as well as who their providers are and the goal for the day. In the hospital where I work, we

have what is called “Quiet Time” It is a 2-hour block during the day from 1430-1630 where the hallway lights

are turned down, the staff is expected to be quieter in their work and no over head paging is allowed. This is

used to decrease stimulation and promote healing in the hospital patients. Signs are posted all around the

hospital notifying staff and visitors of quiet time hours.