MATH 108 Trig QUIZ

Please see attached file

1. (10 pts) Simplify the expressions as much as you can.

2. (10 pts) Find values a and b for which the expressions take the simplest forms (can be subjective)

3. (10 pts) Please graph in [0, 4Π]

y = 3cos(x + 3π/2)

4. (10 pts) Find amplitude, period and phase shift

y =.

5. (10 pts) Find amplitude.

y = 4 sin (x – π).

6. (10 pts) Find period.

y = 2 cos (3x + π/3)

7. (10 pts) Find a phase shift.

y = -4 + 3sin (5x – π/6)

8. (10 pts) Find the exact value

A) in degrees.

B) in radians

9. (10 pts) Solve the problem. (If needed draw a figure.)

In one area, the lowest angle of elevation of the sun in winter is 27.35°. Find the minimum distance x that a plant needing full sun can be placed from a fence that is 5.8 feet high. Round your answer to the fifth place.

10. (10 pts) ) Solve the problem.

A person is watching a car from the top of a building. The car is traveling on a straight road directly toward the building. When first noticed the angle of depression to the car is 28.45°. When the car stops, the angle of depression is 43.25°. The building is 290 feet tall. How far did the car travel from when it was first noticed until it stopped? Round your answer to the hundredths place.