Running head: DIVERSITY 1

Running head: DIVERSITY 1



My definition of diversity has changed because I have begun to understand that diversity does not only focus on the different cultural backgrounds, race or gender, rather it mainly focuses on the different life experiences that each individual has been able to attain. For instance, people from the same race, or society may be diverse because based on their different life experiences they can view life from a different angle hence creating diversity (Sollors, 2018).

The four lenses can approach the study diversity concerning the individual and society because it focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of the complexity in the social enterprise activities, management as well as strategic decision making in relation to social diversity (Sollors, 2018).

The four lenses represent an approach of identifying diversity in society through assisting the researchers to attain an in-depth understanding of the broader set of the human qualities other than just gender and race (Lee & Bean, 2010). Through the four lenses approach the human qualities are categorized in various personality, which provides a clear understanding and identification of diversity.

Following the ability of diversity to motivate individuals which in turn leads to significant productivity, the implication of diversity for the future may tend to focus on the development of policies which promote the embracement of differences between the society members (Lee & Bean, 2010). Additionally, this will see the creation of much stronger and successful organizations.

I will implement what I have learned in the course in my personal as well as professional life to be able to successful, creative and productive. I will mainly focus on embracing the diversity of the people around me to be able to understand and effectively relate to them to better be able to work cohesively as a team.


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