Journaling allows students to express thoughts and feelings regarding aspects of the weekly clinical experience. It is not an account of tasks performed but rather a way of one-to-one communication with your instructor of your innermost feelings about your day of patient care. It is difficult for instructors to recognize all challenges or successes that a student might experience. Your journal offers the instructor a chance to give you support through feedback.

During this course you will keep a self-reflective journal. Entries are to be made at the beginning and at the end of the course using the Journal Tool in D2L.


You are required to submit 2 journals:

For journal #2: due week 8

Create an entry that synthesizes and identifies the key components of the course for you.

Discuss how this will be implemented into your new role as an advanced practice nurse.

Identify challenges you encountered with the course, or course content.

Identify 2-4 positive or negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions that occurred as a result of any knowledge and practice change that you have experienced at the end of the course

Submit 1-2 pages