writing assignment

writing assignment


Scale and Proportion: Proportion is the size relationship of parts to a whole and to one another. Scale refers to relating size to a constant, such as a human body.


Objective:  Take a photograph that manipulates the viewer’s perception of scale and proportion:


1. Take a range of photographs.

2. Ensure satifactory lighting.

3. Embed the best image into a Word file.

4. Upload the file to bblearn.

5. Include a very brief comment, in the comment section.


*Review the attached files and videos before you begin. Working within a small group may promote this project’s success. Each student should upload a minimum of one original photograph.


An Artist Who Pushes the Limits on Scale and Proportion: 

Sculptor Ron Mueck:


Baby Sculpture Construction,  (6 m.)

The Most Realistic Sculptures: Part 1,   (10 m.)

The Most Realistic Sculptures: Part 2,   (10 m.)

The Most Realistic Sculptures: Part 3,   (10 m.)



by the way i attached my photo i took it. due date 10 hours from now.