Statistics help

Using the ROI data set attached below:

  1. If we select 7 colleges from a major and then record whether they are of ‘School Type’ ‘Private’ or not, is this experiment a binomial one? Why or why not?
  2. For each of the 2 majors determine if the ‘Annual % ROI’ appears to be normally distributed. Consider the shape of the histogram and the measures of central tendency (mean and median) to justify your results. Report on each of these with charts and calculations to justify your answers.

Project 3 Instructor’s Notes:

You have seen the data in previous assignments. There are two questions—the second one has four parts. The project is a little confusing in the way it is written, so here is the clarification.

1. The first is a short answer.

2. The second, following on from the first question, asks for the analysis of a histogram for each major for private and public universities (4 histograms—a public and a private one for each major)—it will help if you use Excel to do a graph to help in your analysis. Make sure to analyze “Annual % ROI,” not some other column.