San Francisco State American Motorist and Their Foreign Automobiles Survey

Research Question: What factors determine how satisfied car owners are with foreign automobiles in the U.S.?

1. Please provide 3 hypothesis that pertain to the satisfaction of automotive consumers with foreign automobiles in the U.S

2. Establish the dependent and independent variables 

3. Create a 20 question survey that will indicate if American motorist are satisfied with their foreign automobile. 

P.S: Suggestions are listed below and a PDF that provides an example of a survey, please add background questions (age, male or female) and questions that answer the research question

Suggestions from professor:

[The research question solely asks about foreign autos (which is fine). The hypothesis, however, ask about domestic versus foreign, which is not helping to answer the research question. I suggest going with the research question as phrased, and re-doing the hypotheses to deal with a DV that is “satisfaction with foreign autos,” not involving domestic cars at all. You would need to sample foreign auto owners/users only, which is pretty easy, I think (many folks have foreign cars around here).

Hope this helps. If you decide to go this way (recommended) then please resend the new hypotheses for review.


-Prof. ]