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Graphics and statistics are used everyday. Businesses use statistics to try and convince people to buy their product. According to Thiese, Arnold, and Walker (2015), “Unfortunately, statistics can be appropriately used, misused and abused, either through concept or application” (p.1). Monetary gain is a motivator for the decisions that people make to lie. According to Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Sketchers made false claims in 2012 that their Sketchers Shape-Ups would help their wearers lose weight and promote muscle gain (2012). May 2012, the FTC charged Sketchers with a $40 million fine for false advertisements. They had made the claims that would make them look better. “The FTC alleges that in citing the study that claimed to back this up, Sketchers cherry-picked results and failed to substantiate its ad claims” (Federal Trade Commission, 2012, p. 2). Companies can cherry pick results just like Sketchers has to make their product sound better so that they can earn more money. Graphics and statistics can be used to misrepresent data because people can cover up or just choose not to show negative data.


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