reflective essay

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed: 
1. Reread the first and final drafts of your essays and your journals; then, reflect on the writing process and how it has impacted your own writing and thought processes this term. Form your own conclusions about how the writing process impacts student writing in general.  2. Explain the writing process by identifying each component and its direct impact in improving student writing. 3. Analyze the writing process’s value and how it improves student writing. 4. Ensure that the essay contains a clear point of view and uses a voice and perspective that is required in a formal final essay. 5. Cite specific examples from your own works (between your narrative essay draft and final narrative essay draft, or your persuasive essay draft and final persuasive essay draft, or both essays) to support the main points of your reflection. 6. Ensure that the essay is organized in a way that creates a seamless flow between different sections.  7. Ensure that there are no errors related to grammar, spelling, citations, or syntax.  



In this assignment, students will demonstrate their mastery of the following course outcomes:  
 Produce writing whose form, organization, syntax, diction, style, and tone are appropriate for a given audience, subject, and purpose.Read critically with an eye toward identifying main ideas, supporting evidence, and conclusions in order to utilize these components in one’s own writing Analyze the process of writing as a means for generating ideas, drafting, and revising to improve the quality and effectiveness of one’s own writing Conduct effective research to qualify appropriate evidence for purposeful integration in one’s own work  Write informative introductions, coherent theses, well-developed, organized, and supported body paragraphs, and conclusions effective to one’s writing purpose 
The final essay should be at least two and no more than four pages long (not including a cover page or a list of sources), follow MLA or APA style, and cite at least three examples of language that the student-author composed earlier in the course. It should be a complete, polished text containing all of the critical elements listed in the Final Project Rubric, and it should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course.