1.cover page 


3. job cover letter  only need one pages singel space. do not be to long. 

4.resume( A summary of your education, achievements, and work experience, using a chronological or functional format.)

5.Skills, Abilities and Marketable Qualities:( A detailed examination of your skills and experience. This section should include the name of the skill area; the performance or behavior, knowledge, or personal traits that contribute to your success in that skill area; your background and specific experiences that demonstrate your application of the skill.)

6.Samples of Your Work:(A sampling of your best work, including reports, papers, studies, brochures, projects, presentations, etc. Besides print samples, you can also include CD-ROMs, videos, and other multimedia formats.can make up sample)

7.Testimonials and Letters of Recommendations:(A collection of any kudos you have received–from customers, clients, colleagues, past employers, professors, etc. Some experts even suggest including copies of favorable employer evaluations and reviews. can make up every thing you want.)

8.Awards and Honors: A collection of any certificates of awards, honors, and scholarships.

9.Transcripts, Degrees, Licenses, and Certifications: (A description of relevant courses, degrees, licenses, and certifications.)

10.Military records, awards, and badges:A listing of your military service, if applicable.

11.References:A list of three to five people (including full names, titles, addresses, and phone/email) who are willing to speak about your strengths, abilities, and experience. At least one reference should be a former manager.


this is a portfolio  all information can make up,  i will attach some file that you guys can use and help me this portfolio need to be all singel space.