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Re:Topic 3 DQ 1

Having an idea to better the area you work can be a little scary.  There’s the excitement over the prospect of making a change for the better, but then the thought of rejection or failure.  In order to best show an idea to upper management in hopes of support and funding I would research my idea and try to find evidence based practice that backs up why my idea would be successful.  I would then discuss my idea with my peers and get further input on how others feel it may or may not work.  Finally, to present to upper management I would use the ideas of Rupen Sharma (2010) by avoiding information overload, interactive communication, and push and pull communication, all of which require participation from the audience.  I feel an in person meeting would be most successful.  Also, according to Joe Garecht (2014) ,”A better strategy is to, as often as possible, make your first a non-monetary ask.”  Because of this I would try to find a way to implement my idea without funding and show its success, this would make it more easy to fund a project they have already seen working.  


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