No plagiarism

Due 8/14

Remember, papers are graded on content, grammar, and punctuation. Furthermore, at a

minimum, I expect your exam to be of graduate collegiate level and that you fully answer the

question posed.

Your paper must fully answer the question and must be a thoughtful, coherent, and parsimonious

reflection of your knowledge gleaned from prior classes and new material from outside peerreviewed

articles. Furthermore, I expect your answers to be in the format discussed previously

(i.e., it must follow the guidelines discussed in-class and in the Pratt handout). This paper will

require much thought and effort on your part. There is no page requirement, however, thoughtful

answers will minimally be 6-8 pages—not including the title page and reference section. You

must use APA formatting which includes (but is not limited to) Times New Roman 12-point font,

double-spaced, with one-inch margins.

For this assignment, I want you to specifically think about error and how error influences

statistical analyses. First, using your knowledge of methods, describe sampling and

measurement error—and how these impact findings. Second, define and explain—in detail—

statistical error. Third, discuss the difference between systematic error and random error. Make

sure to note how each of these effects (or does not affect) our models. In doing so, note the

influence these have on statistical power and how this impacts the model. Fourth, review the

article posted on BlackBoard, “Physical and situational inequality on airplanes predicts air rage”

as well as two other peer-reviewed articles and, for each article, discuss how the analyses

attempted to control for statistical error. Additionally, interpret the key findings—this needs to

come from the results section and be your interpretation.