Need help with internship assignment

Here are the questions  I’ve to answer. 


  1. Summarize your individualized results on CareerBeam, Internship Predictor and top 5 Values on in-class assessment. 
  2. Reflecting on the results, how would you interpret them for yourself?  Do you agree with the results, is there an agreement or contradiction between the assessments?
  3. What do those results suggest to you about your possible internship options?
  4. Write 2 paragraphs about the type of organization and opportunities that would interest you.
  5. Summarize results and what you took away from each assessment. What do the results from the assessment mean for your decision-making right now. 

CareerBeam link to on

Internship Predictor on . 

Don’t worry about the in-class assesment in the first Question. Right what you got in the Careerbam, and  I will provide you deatails.