In your initial post of at least 250 words, your statistical analysis skills by calculating various key statistics

PLEASE USE EASY ENGLISH PLEASE BELOW IS ONE OF THE SOURCES THAT YOU NEED TO FOCUS THIS PAPER Pollock, P. H., III. (2016). The essentials of political analysis (5th ed.).…. USER NAME JUTERA7555 pASWORD Eleana18
Prepare: Review Chapters 5 and 6 in the course text and any assigned additional learning material. In addition, please go to pages 154-155 in your course text and review Exercises 2, 4, and 5.
2.png Reflect: This week, we learned more about controlled comparisons and the relationships between our research variables. We also learned about inferential statistics, which allows us to draw conclusions about a population using samples from the population. Inferential statistics also enable us to determine the probability that an observed difference between variables is the result of chance or some other cause. This week’s forum will help you in enhancing your statistical analysis skills by calculating various key statistics that will help you make reliable and valid inferences. These skills will be applied throughout the rest of the course, and it is critical that you master these basic inferential statistics. Good luck and don’t forget to ask your instructor for help if needed!
3.png Write: In your initial post of at least 250 words, using Exercises 2, 4, and 5 on pages 154-155, complete the following:
Exercise 2(A): Obtain Z scores for each of the following raw egalitarianism scores: 5, 9, 14, 16, and 19.
Exercise 2(B): What are the raw-score ranges for each of the four ordinal categories?
Exercise 4(A): (i) Using the sample standard deviation as a substitute for the population standard deviation, what is the standard error of the sample mean? (ii) Using the +- 2 shortcut, what is the 95% confidence interval of the sample mean?
Exercise 4(B): Is the skeptic on solid statistical ground? Explain your response.
Exercise 5(A): Calculate the standard error of the sample mean.
Exercise 5(B): Using the +- 2 shortcut, calculate the 95% confidence interval.
Exercise 5(C): If the true gender difference is 5 inches, can you infer from your sample that individuals perceive a greater difference than actually exists? Explain your response.