First reply for a classmate’s post

Hello class,

I will admit I had no idea what I was getting into with this class, it has been the most challenging class by far since I enrolled in AMU. My patience and sanity have been tested at times but overall this class has made me become a better student overall. If I had to choose just one thing about this class that has been good for me it would have to be that this class forced me to develop better study habits. I’ve always kind of been a procrastinator and got by my classes by the set of my pants but this class does not allow me to just get by. I have to say though I would not be as far as I am without my fellow classmates because seeing how they work some of these forum problems really helps me grasp the concepts we are trying to learn.

I will definitely keep doing the necessary studying I have to so I can keep learning and advancing my knowledge in the class.

I definitely need to quit procrastinating and not only in this class but the rest of my studies because I see the results. when I put in the work in my grades really reflect that I am trying my best.

I think something I can start doing is maybe reaching out more to my fellow classmates. If I get stuck on something I am sure at least one of them could help me out.

All in all this class has been a good challenge and overall experience in my view. I wish everybody in the class good luck in the rest of the class and thanks again for all the help.