Finial Exam

Module 8: Final Exam

FINAL EXAM (200 points)

This course requires that you complete a final exam that covers the material represented in the entire course. To best prepare for the final, please take the full advantage of the Practice Final Exam in MyMathLab (MML). You have three attempts at the practice final. You have only one shot at the final exam. Here is the suggested strategy:

  1. Review your notes.
  2. Take the practice final exam
  3. Review the questions that you missed. Make sure you understand where you went wrong.
  4. Refer to Your Study Plan for extra practice.
  5. Take the practice final exam again.
  6. Continue reviewing the problems that you are missing.
  7. Take necessary notes. Re-take the practice final for extra practice.
  8. Ask your instructor for help as you practice.

Now that you are ready and confident, open MML, and take the Final Exam. Please be advised that the exam is timed. You have 150 minutes to complete the test.

Posted Thu Aug 30, 2018 at 10:34 am