Evaluating Significance of Findings

Part of your task as a scholar-practitioner is to act as a critical consumer of research and ask informed questions of published material. Sometimes, claims are made that do not match the results of the analysis. Unfortunately, this is why statistics is sometimes unfairly associated with telling lies. These misalignment’s might not be solely attributable to statistical nonsense, but also “user error.” One of the greatest areas of user error is within the practice of hypothesis testing and interpreting statistical significance. As you continue to consume research, be sure and read everything with a critical eye and call out statements that do not match the results.

For this assignment, you will examine statistical significance and meaningfulness based on sample statements.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the scenarios found in attached and select two of the four scenarios for this assignment.

Review the attached learning resources related to hypothesis testing, meaningfulness, and statistical significance.

Review Magnusson’s web blog to further your visualization and understanding of statistical power and significance testing. http://rpsychologist.com/index.html

Follow the attached guidelines for assistance when completing the assignment.

To complete the assignment:

Critically evaluate the two scenarios you selected based upon the following points:

Critically evaluate the sample size

Critically evaluate the statements of meaningfulness

Critically evaluate the statements for statistical significance

Based on your evaluation, provide an explanation of the implications for social change

Be sure to support your writing with a minimum of three scholarly articles.

APA Format. 3-4 pages.