Easy statistics project, should take no longer than an hour or even less

Basically you have to Compare A to B and C. Part A of the city is saying they are paying higher taxes, etc. Read the questions that have to be answered. You can use Standard Deviation, Inter-Quartile Range (IQR), Range and Variance to compare A to B and C. All these functions can be done on Excel at the click of a button honestly. Just make sure to explain your reasoning when answering the questions. Project is pretty simple, just the reasoning has to justify why you used those methods to compare A to B and C.

*Open the excel file to access the information. There are 50 Numbers for A,B,C. You can do arrange the columns from smallest to largest if its easier. Standard deviation, average (mean), Variance all can de done on excel. Remember to explain which method you used to answer all the questions.