Discussion: Distributions

To prepare for this Discussion, assume that your company is relocating you to a new city and state with an increase in salary. Assume a 15% salary increase for you, and that your spouse, if working now, can receive an equivalent salary with no difficulty after moving to the new location. Because you have been guaranteed that your stay will be at least three years, you begin thinking about buying a home there. One major problem is that you have no knowledge about the geographical area. Purchasing a home is a significant investment decision. Therefore, before you decide on your purchase, you need to have knowledge about the area.

Choose any city you wish to serve as your fictitious relocation site and research the current statistical information you will need to make an informed decision. Research the municipal, public safety, real estate, and other websites for information on the location of your choice. Also, consider visiting the Sperling’s Best Places website for additional information. Note the statistical facts you feel will help you to make an educated decision.

Post a 200- to 250-word statement explaining whether you would immediately buy a home in the relocation site or not. Also, explain which statistical facts contributed most to your decision and why.