Develop Frequency Distributions

For this assignment :

Imagine a researcher is interested in examining the psychological impact of principals’ perceived conflict-management style on teachers’ productivity. In this case, the researcher is interested in the relationships among teachers’ self-esteem, how teachers perceive their principals’ conflict-management style, and teachers’ productivity.The researcher decided to use a convenience sample of 40 teachers. These teachers completed a survey including a number of demographic questions as well as measures to assess perceived principals’ conflict-management style, teacher’s self-esteem, and productivity. Below are the demographic questions and participants’ responses. Use these data to complete the questions below .

NOTE: Note you need to put the information into the worksheet and the worksheet is attached and 2 screen shots of the file with the data is also attahced. This will help you to complete assignment

In this SPSS assignment, you will increase your understanding of frequency distributions as well as their value when interpreting data. Complete the following steps and include your responses in this worksheet to submit to your professor:

  1. Create two bar charts: one with gender in the x-axis and one with topic taught on the y-axis.
  2. Create two frequency distributions in SPSS for gender and topic taught. Describe the sample fully using APA format where appropriate. What percentage of the sample is male, female? What percentage teaches math, science, art, or a foreign language?
  3. For age and years teaching (“experience”), create two frequency distribution tables (one for age and one for experience).
    1. Describe the shape of the frequency distributions.
    2. Differentiate between the frequency, percent, valid percent, and cumulative percent columns.
  4. What initial conclusions about the sample data can be made from an examination of the frequency distributions?