Complete Final Exam for Algebra I

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I really need an A+ on this final exam

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Once you have earned a minimum of 70% on your Unit VIII homework, you will be able to take your final exam. The final exam is password protected and may only be opened in the presence of an approved proctor.

You will have four hours to complete the final exam, and it must be completed all at once. There are no show work questions on the final exam. You are allowed to use blank paper, pen or pencil, a calculator, and the textbook for the final exam. You will also have access to the view an example learning aid within MyMathLab for every question on the exam.

Your exam will be automatically graded; however, you must email your instructor when you have completed the final exam to ensure that your grades are transferred to the Blackboard grade book. Caution: Do not hit submit until you are ready for the exam to be graded.