competitive in the town, statistics homework help

competitive in the town, statistics homework help


Students will determine how many possible combinations of ice cream flavors and toppings are possible and find probabilities and odds of choosing certain combinations.


You just graduated from college with a degree in business and a minor in statistics. You decide to open an ice cream shop. You have to develop an advertisement to hand out to the community.


Your audience is the local community. You want your store to be popular and profitable. Hopefully, your advertisement will lure the community to trying your new ice cream shop.


You have to develop the advertisement highlighting your store’s products and the numerous possibilities available to your customers as well as the probabilities and odds of selecting the possibilities.

Product, Performance, and Purpose

  • Students will create a 3 fold flyer showcasing the store and the products sold.
  • Students will calculate the number of possibilities for certain scenarios selected by the student.
  • Students will calculate probability and odds for certain combinations based on student given survey.