The progressive final project begins on week 6 and ends on week 8. The PowerPoint with voiceover and Excel workbook you will create for this assignment are due at the end of week 8.

For your final project, you will analyze recent changes made in a fictional company by using Excel. You will then report on the effects of those changes through a PowerPoint presentation with a voiceover. Your presentation should fully address all assignment prompts. Include any graphs or charts used in your analysis in your presentation. In addition to the PowerPoint presentation, you should also submit an Excel workbook showing your statistical analysis. Note that all of the components of this assignment should be turned in at the end of week 8.

Scenario: The company you work for is a pizza delivery restaurant. Recent changes made at the restaurant are listed below, including their associated data. Analyze the data associated with each change in the Excel workbook, then create a presentation where you show the effects those changes had and whether or not the changes were successful.

1. The company’s goal is to have the time between an order coming in and a pizza leaving the store for delivery to be as short as possible. This period of time is referred to as the “wait time”. Ideally, the wait time would be less than 30 minutes as much as possible, between 30-60 as little as possible, and never longer than 60 minutes. In order to better meet that goal, they have hired 2 additional delivery drivers. Previously, they had 3 drivers; they now have 5. Using a pair of histograms and frequency tables, compare the wait times before and after they hired the extra two drivers. The data can be found on the worksheet tab labeled “Wait Times”.

2. The company has been trying out different marketing strategies, spending more or less money in either TV or radio advertisements. In order to determine which form of advertising has been more effective, create scatterplots with trend lines to compare the number of pizza’s sold in a given month to the amounts spent on marketing. The data can be found on the worksheet tab labeled “Marketing Cost”.

3. The company recently switched the focus of their marketing campaign from college students to targeting employed middle aged individuals around the age of 35. By performing the descriptive statistics function on data showing the age of a sample of their client base, determine whether this change in focus was correct and explain what statistics informed your decision. (Find the mean, mode, median and standard deviation in the excel workbook. Interpret the result in your presentation.)

Also include a histogram graphing the data. The data can be found on the worksheet tab labeled “Customer Age”.

4. A competitor has recently release an advertisement claiming that their three topping pizza special allows 2300 different combinations of toppings. Your company wants to know if their current menu offers more 3 topping combinations than their competitor. Perform the combination function in excel to determine the answer. Your company offers 20 different toppings.

5. Your company has purchased market research data that includes the prices of all of your competitors 3 topping large pizzas. The prices of all 3 topping large pizzas are normally distributed with a mean of $10.99 and a standard deviation of $2.8. The price of your companies large 3 topping pizza is $12.00. Your boss wants to know what percentage of all competitors’ pizza prices are lower than yours. Find the z score and the indicated percentage in Excel.