You are required to read the readings set for that week,

You are required to read the readings set for that week, critically reflect on the questions provided and write your reflections in journal format. In total, you will write five separate entries. Sharing is an important part of relationship building.
*Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in particular, and all students, are advised that some readings contain very sensitive/confronting content. Some students may find some readings very distressing.
Total word length: Approx. 1800 words. In keeping within this word limit, each journal entry should stay within 360-380 words. Keep your journals concise, ‘to the point’, critically reflecting and answering the questions set for that week.
The autobiographical information in the five entries that identifies student’s history, culture and biography must include criticalreflection on the readings, including Textbook chapters.
Week one:
Think about your own story in relation to The Introduction from Timothy Bottoms’ book. How do you relate to this depiction of Australia? Think about Ernie Grant’s model- Land, Language, Culture, Time, Place, Relationships- when and where were you born, what is your cultural background, what is your history and connections to that place, or the place you now live? How does your reflection and understandings help or hinder you in seeking to build relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples? Link reflections to week one readings.
Week two:
What are the key points for you in these readings based on your previous knowledge?
What you are bringing to social work, negative and positive, from your history and socialisation?
Why do you need to understand history, colonisation and the contemporary legacies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples? Who have you been socialised to see as inferior or superior peoples? Demonstrate critical reflection in your responses. Link reflections to Week two readings.
Week three:
What did you know about Torres Strait Islanders previously and what have you learned from these readings? What do you need to do/know to engage more respectfully with Torres Strait Islander peoples? What is distinctive Torres Strait Islander history/culture? For further learning view Eddie Mabo Life of an Island Man (WS2121 LearnJCU site). Link reflections to week three readings.
Week four:
What are the impacts of colonisation and the Stolen Generation? Is it different for Aboriginal people than for Torres Strait Islanders? How would this impact manifest in families and communities in contemporary times? Are you aware of your own family’s experiences in relation to the Stolen Generation? Did your family talk about it?
Link reflections to week four readings.
Week five:
What are your experiences of grief and loss? Are these losses personal, cultural, intergenerational? Will your experiences help or hinder you in understanding and empathising with the cycles of grief, loss and trauma experienced as intergenerational legacies for Indigenous Australians? Link your reflections to week five readings.