Write a critical, 4 pages academic essay in which you

Write a critical, 4 pages academic essay in which you rhetorically analyze a text of your choice. To write a rhetorical analysis means to make a focused argument evaluating how the piece employs various rhetorical tropes and techniques, reaches out to various audience, and/or fulfills its promise (that is, how successful the text is while attempting to accomplish its goals). You can evaluate and analyze your chosen text using any of the rhetorical concepts we have discussed: rhetorical situation, exigence, constraints, rhetorical appeals, style and figures of speech, language, ideology, logic and logical fallacies, etc. However, your essay should also have focus and should also go beyond just describing the text (avoid: “Orwell uses pathos”), instead making a cohesive, interesting, and original argument about the text. Whether you agree with the writer’s argument is largely beside the point. The goal is to analyze, not to agree/disagree.
Your thesis may be astatement(Though an American hero, Franklin Roosevelt exhibited traits of a demagogue in his “Four Freedoms” speech) or your thesis may be aquestion(In what ways does the activist language used by Nomy Lamm challenge genre and cultural conventions?). Write something original. Your audience is the rest of the class. Give us a deeper understanding. Having said that, write about matters that interest you, too. Develop your own “project” that will allow you to explore and think/write critically.
For the most part I would encourage you to follow the conventions of an academic essay but feel free to break any conventions that will allow you to write effectively. Break conventions deliberately and reflectively.
I already began this assignment, I have done one page, so I need it to be expanded to be 4 pages long, I have attached the work I have done and the reading which I’m writing about. The requirements for this assignment are written above.